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The musings of a female CEO, trying to change the way business is done.

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Here is my appearance on the Diamond District with Rebecca Diamond. This aired yesterday, and I found Ms. Diamond to be very informed and excited about my message. Take a look!

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Stay tuned for more Vlogs about de-linking Pay and Performance.

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Hello Blogosphere!

I would like to announce a new collaboration with Patricia Raskin of Patricia Raskin Positive Living Network. Starting April 25th, I will have a guest spot on Patricia’s show once a month. I will be talking about how to maintain your self and your soul while working in corporate America. This is a very exciting collaboration, and you can listen to Patricia’s show any time online through the link above.

If you listen live, there’s a chance you could win a free set of my new “Find Your Peace at Work” Inspirational Cards!

Here is a show that I was featured on with Patricia and one of her other hosts, Brian Benson. Please enjoy!

Paula Marshall on the G. Brian Benson Show

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NOTE: You must be a fan on Facebook or a Follower on Twitter to be considered for the Award!

Call for Entries: Paula Marshall’s People Centered Organization 2010

Who Is Paula Marshall?

Paula has been the CEO of the Bama Companies, Inc for 25 years. She has been a trailblazer in the areas of quality, employee retention and employee satisfaction. The Bama Companies won the Malcolm Baldridge Award from the United States Department of Commerce in 2004. Paula’s new book “Finding the Soul of Big Business” is focused on bringing a more trusting and compassionate workplace to America. With this award, Paula would like to recognize forward thinking organizations that understand the value of their team members.

Background Information

What is a people-centered organization?  Well, it’s one that:

-Structures its policies and culture around its employees.

-Sees fairness and balance as a priority.

-Makes cuts elsewhere instead of doing layoffs.

-Values its employees as much as its customers.

-Understands that when we all work together, success is inevitable.

Sadly, people-centered organizations are in the minority in today’s business climate, which is why we would like to recognize a business that has this business philosophy.

Rules and Eligibility

Do you work for a company that exemplifies the philosophies of a people-centered organization? If so, please fill out the form below to nominate your small to medium (up to 5,000 employees) sized organization for the Paula Marshall People-Centered Organization Award. Please have all nominations in by May 15th, 2010.  All nomination forms should be sent to Colleen McCarty:

Colleen McCarty


Fax: (918) 622-8871


The employee who nominates the winning organization will receive the new Apple iPad, which is released April 3rd. The organization will receive an engraved award, and a copy of Paula Marshall’s Finding the Soul of Big Business.

Nomination Form

Please provide your contact information below:

Your Name:
Your Position:
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company Website:
Your Work Phone #:
Your Work Email:

Please respond to the following questions (keeping each response no longer than 1 page):

1.  What type of business is your organization engaged in?

2.  How has your organization dealt with the present economic downturn?

3.  Please give a detailed account of a policy, action or anecdote that you feel illustrates why your company should be considered “People-Centered.”

Find a downloadable PDF and word document of the Nomination Form here.

PDF: Award Nomination Form

Word: Award Nomination Form

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Having an open marketplace of ideas is the cornerstone of continuous improvement. If ideas and input are stifled, you will miss out on the most honest and beneficial improvements, those from your employees. When employees are free to make suggestions, give input and see their ideas come to life, they feel a part of the product and the system that produces it. W. Edwards Deming always said, “All anyone asks for is a chance to work with pride.” Being given the chance to participate in the process, and constantly improve it, gives employees a tangible link to their work.

At Bama, here are the ways that we keep the Marketplace of Ideas open to everyone in the organization:

1. No ideas are wrong. All innovations were once novel ideas that seemed impossible. The worst case is that an idea is not usable now.

2. There are multiple ways to look at challenges and changes. Most often there is not a single “right way” to do things.

3. Solutions require uniqueness and creativity. An individual’s unique perspective may lead to an answer that may have been missed; diversity must be embraced.

4. The value of an idea is not based upon who suggested it but on its ability to work and provide benefit to the community.

5. Sharing all ideas is beneficial. Some ideas have value to particular situations while others have merit because they generate additional ideas.

6. There is no bad time for a good idea. As long as employees are willing to share their ideas without fear of judgment, innovations and continuous improvement will prevail.

This video embodies why ideas are important, and how they keep us motivated to do a great job. Enjoy!

IQ is to EQ what your Brain is to your Heart.

Although in theory we know the different between IQ and EQ, it is still hard to put it into practice during our daily lives. From birth we are programmed to rely on our IQs to pass tests, conquer challenges and move ahead in the world. We are never tested at our EQ. No wonder so many of us have underdeveloped or non-existent emotional lives.

When EQ is left out of the equation, we become robotic. We compartmentalize our lives into work, leisure and sleep. When we incorporate our Emotional Quotient into our daily relations, we are able to unify our lives. Work becomes fun, enriching and exciting. We discover our coworkers and know them deeply, we are not just rats in a maze together anymore. Nor do you see your coworkers as competition for promotions and raises. You begin to see them as human beings with rich layers, just as you are. When we celebrate our similarities, we begin to truly work together. IQ is necessary for any job task, of course. But also, any social situation (work, home, or out and about) requires a level of EQ. If the EQ remains undeveloped, we can continue to expect low productivity, workplace drama and gossip as well as high turnover.

Think about ways to incorporate your EQ into every social interaction. What is it like to be in someone else’s shoes? What is motivating your coworkers to behave in certain ways? Are you contributing to workplace discord? These are the questions to ask yourself to begin a road to a more balanced IQ/EQ world.

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