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The musings of a female CEO, trying to change the way business is done.

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´╗┐Here is my appearance on the Diamond District with Rebecca Diamond. This aired yesterday, and I found Ms. Diamond to be very informed and excited about my message. Take a look!

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Hello Blogosphere!

I would like to announce a new collaboration with Patricia Raskin of Patricia Raskin Positive Living Network. Starting April 25th, I will have a guest spot on Patricia’s show once a month. I will be talking about how to maintain your self and your soul while working in corporate America. This is a very exciting collaboration, and you can listen to Patricia’s show any time online through the link above.

If you listen live, there’s a chance you could win a free set of my new “Find Your Peace at Work” Inspirational Cards!

Here is a show that I was featured on with Patricia and one of her other hosts, Brian Benson. Please enjoy!

Paula Marshall on the G. Brian Benson Show

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