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IQ is to EQ what your Brain is to your Heart.

Although in theory we know the different between IQ and EQ, it is still hard to put it into practice during our daily lives. From birth we are programmed to rely on our IQs to pass tests, conquer challenges and move ahead in the world. We are never tested at our EQ. No wonder so many of us have underdeveloped or non-existent emotional lives.

When EQ is left out of the equation, we become robotic. We compartmentalize our lives into work, leisure and sleep. When we incorporate our Emotional Quotient into our daily relations, we are able to unify our lives. Work becomes fun, enriching and exciting. We discover our coworkers and know them deeply, we are not just rats in a maze together anymore. Nor do you see your coworkers as competition for promotions and raises. You begin to see them as human beings with rich layers, just as you are. When we celebrate our similarities, we begin to truly work together. IQ is necessary for any job task, of course. But also, any social situation (work, home, or out and about) requires a level of EQ. If the EQ remains undeveloped, we can continue to expect low productivity, workplace drama and gossip as well as high turnover.

Think about ways to incorporate your EQ into every social interaction. What is it like to be in someone else’s shoes? What is motivating your coworkers to behave in certain ways? Are you contributing to workplace discord? These are the questions to ask yourself to begin a road to a more balanced IQ/EQ world.


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