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Here’s an excerpt from my new book, this section deals with Pride and Ego, what they are and how they are different:


“We want our employees, suppliers, customers and consumers to feel pride in our organization. Pride is the happy,satisfied feeling we experience when having achieved something special. That something deserves admiration and respect.


Pride is satisfaction with no need to brag. However, ego is a more primordial thought process, impulsive and self-focused with a sense of superiority to others. Pride can be shared while ego is selfish and is often abusive.

A company that has a big ego doesn’t like to admit failure. Executives in such a company will frequently go to great lengths so save face. The result: continuing programs and initiatives that aren’t effective. The investment of energy and ideas that go into these programs creates an atmosphere that becomes self-protective. Accordingly, the program or initiative takes on a life of its own.” pp. 36


As Dr. Deming Said, “All anyone asks for is a chance to work with pride” But there is a very fine line between Pride and Ego. Can we allow ourselves to be proud of our work and yet not let ourselves become braggers? Everyone know’s a bragger, its not pretty. 


As an exercise in pride, you can do the following. This is a form of meditation, so you’ll need a quiet place alone for at least 5 minutes. 

  • Close your eyes. Concentrate on your biggest accomplishments in life. These don’t have to be work related, they can be family related or related to personal growth.
  • When you concentrate on those things, allow yourself to feel happiness and be grateful that they happened, while also accepting the knowledge that those things wouldn’t have happened without you and your hard work.
  • Also acknowledge the other people in your life that allowed those accomplishments to happen. Silently thank them and appreciate them in this moment.
  • Be in the moment with the pride and acknowledgment. However, don’t allow yourself to think selfishly. Even if you were the only person to work on this project, for example, other people in your life made sacrifices to allow you to realize your goals. Don’t let yourself get lost in the accomplishment, and the praise that comes along with it. Praise is nice, but it is external, and will take over your life if you do not allow yourself to feel praise for yourself, and thankfulness to those around you.

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